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ZEETEX Showcased ZT1000 in Reifen

ZAFCO exhibited in Essen with its brand ZEETEX and unveiled ZT1000 as the latest product introduction. The exciting new pattern of ZT1000, which was unveiled during the exhibition, enthralled the audience by its eco-friendly attributes along with the creative manner in which it was launched by the world famous entertainers LaMetta. The stand provided an opportunity for customers to see ZT1000 and learn more about the very positive results of a recent test at IDIADA.


In addition, ZEETEX displayed its comprehensive range of passenger and truck tires for the European market as the brand has recently entered strongly into Italy, France, Germany, Ireland, Portugal, Belgium, Russia and Baltic countries. At the show all their distributors were present in full strength together with their potential customers. “There are exciting new developments on the horizon. Additional patterns and sizes are coming up very soon to support the existing range and further strengthen brand Zeetex” stated Zafar Hussain, Executive Director of Zafco, during the gala dinner which was attended by all the European distributors of Zeetex.

ZeetexZEETEX Showcased ZT1000 in Reifen
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