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Another Milestone for Zeetex

Herten, GermanyZEETEX marks yet another massive achievement in the Tire Industry where it proved its exemplary performance among top tire brands based on different parameters.

An independent test was conducted by Auto Bild to rate the tires based on noise, mileage, fuel economy, handling, and braking efficiency on dry and wet surfaces.


Criteria of Selection

Auto Bild picked up 53 tire brands for an initial Braking test both on dry and wet surface, out of which 18 brands were filtered out based on their test results. The sheer performance of ZEETEX gave it an edge for getting selected among those 18 brands for further scrutiny based on other parameters.


ZEETEX Results

Privileged to have performed way better than other top-notch brands with higher brand value, ZEETEX yielded remarkable results with its PCR pattern ZT1000 as shown below,


Parameters Position Details
Pass-by Noise 1st Lowest noise compared to other 17 brands
Price per Mileage 2nd Excellent value for mileage
Rolling Resistance 5th Fuel Efficient and Environment friendly
Aquaplaning 9th On 7 millimeters water thickness
Braking Distance (Dry & Wet) 13th For firm grip and extra-ordinary safety


Auto Bild test has a significant importance and matters a lot especially to the tire dealers and end-users, says Mr. Raghavendra Sanga – Head of Product Communication & Marketing at ZAFCO. The R&D efforts by ZEETEX are paying off in a smart way where we would continue to march forward with utmost value for our customers and care for the environment as a whole, because achieving the unexpected has always been our priority, adds Mr. Sanga.

Interestingly for ZEETEX, market development has gone smoothly up till now where its quality and reliability has provided it a springboard to be one of the next top tire brands.

ZeetexAnother Milestone for Zeetex
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