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ZEETEX’s new offerings to change the rules of the game

ZEETEX has unveiled six new offerings for passenger, UHP, 4×4 and commercial held on March 20 at the Palazzo Phuket, Thailand to meet the ever-widening needs of the European market while buttressing ZEETEX’s superiority as a brand. The successful launch was attended by over 40 Dealers and Distributors from Africa, Middle East and ASEAN countries and garnered positive reviews concerning the new range of tires.


The new offerings are geared to change the ZEETEX tire scene, offering enhanced dry grip and steering response, good traction, exceptional ride comfort and good handling, exceptional mileage and reduced aquaplaning. All these qualities are aimed at giving drivers the advantage while ensuring a pleasurable ride experience with more miles to the pedal. To spice up affairs, the SU1000 and HP1000 were unveiled to customers during an impressive umbrella spinning performance that left distributors at the event thrilled and speechless.


The act merged high speed balancing of umbrellas with the intensity and dynamics of hand-to-hand skills. Next up was a Hakunana Matata Performance by 3 Africans unveiling ZT2000 and CT1000 – showcasing the extreme flexibility of the human body with splits, over spits, backbends and triple-fold. Final performance was Arial Silk by a Chinese lady unveiling AT1000 and HT1000. The launch concluded with the cultural Thai dance.


ZeetexZEETEX’s new offerings to change the rules of the game
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