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Zeetex Launches New Tire Pattern

Miami, USA – ZEETEX knows how to keep the tires rolling. Considering the changing needs and requirements of the consumers, ZEETEX introduced a new pattern – ZT3000 – which is predominantly positioned as an All-Season Touring Tire.

ZEETEX ZT3000 comes with exciting features and benefits and has asymmetrical tread pattern with balanced driving behavior for all weather conditions. The wet grip & traction is truly exceptional due to its circumferential & lateral grooves that in turn results in shorter braking distance.  Lastly, it delivers extra-ordinary driving comfort and low road noise due to optimal pitch variation of the tread.

“The tire industry is quite dynamic, where staying ahead of the competition depends on how well you shape your products in line with the consumers’ requirements. ZEETEX makes sure to put its R&D efforts at the forefront and keep improving continuously to excel in the market”, says Mr. Raghavendra Sanga – Head of Product Communication & Marketing at ZAFCO.

ZeetexZeetex Launches New Tire Pattern
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